Preparing Layout of Commercial Kitchen According to Industrial Fridge

Preparing The Layout Of Your Commercial Kitchen According To Your Industrial Fridge

Space in any commercial area needs to be planned and implemented well as the flow and layout of a business can often be the determining factor of its success and sometimes even can be the downfall. One particular type of business that needs special attention paid to its premises is the commercial kitchen within a restaurant. The placement of expensive equipment such as an industrial fridge, the pantry area and working space all need careful consideration before installation to ensure optimal use and flow. Safety, workflow and positioning are major components that need to be evaluated thoroughly before finalising a commercial kitchen. 

Tight spaces make it impossible to work in, becoming hazardous not only to your staff but also the meals being sent out to paying customers. That’s why we have put together this guide to utilise when constructing or renovating a commercial kitchen and creating a safe and efficient workplace. 

Implement Regulations 

Depending on your local government’s regulations on commercial kitchens, there may be specific requirements you will need to meet. From installing adequate ventilation to maintaining a fireproof workflow. These regulations serve as a guideline for efficient kitchen design as they can usually assist you with the correct placement of equipment and help you determine pathways in and around the space to ensure optimal safety and movement. 

Consider Layout 

While there are many different types of layouts that can be used in a commercial kitchen, it is ultimately up to the restaurant owner to determine what needs to be done and how things are to be laid out. If you have a complex menu, with many components in each dish than an assembly line layout would be best. If you only use one or two staff members who work on the main portions of each dish, an island setup would be more suitable. Choose a layout which is suitable for the amount of staff who will work within it and what is to be made within that space.

Think About Positioning 

Heavy-duty equipment needs to be placed with care, not only because it’s likely to be more expensive than your other types of equipment and requires handling care, but proper functioning equipment is also crucial to the functioning of your restaurant. Placing an industrial fridge in a tight spot might save on space but it can be difficult to access frequently or become easily damaged in use. Installing fryers next to the sink area is dangerous as there is likely to be splashback which can impact your team’s productivity while washing dishes as well as cause burns.

Restaurant owners with poorly designed commercial kitchens can often attribute this as their main pain point in the running of their restaurant and the ineffectiveness this results in. Because any kitchen that is not designed effectively will result in the inconsistent output of food as well as an increased possibility of accidents and property damage. 

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