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Is Your Food Photo Worthy?

Food presentation has always been important but never more so than now. People used to eat food in cafes and restaurants but these days they seem to spend just as much time taking photos of it.

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How Healthy Is Your Fridge?

How healthy is your fridge? We’re talking about your restaurant or cafe refrigeration, or any other appliance you use to store perishable food at your eatery. While we can provide you with top quality commercial refrigeration, you have an obligation to look after it and keep it as clean and as hygienic as you can. If your fridge is sick, your customers will be too. 

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Keep It Clean And Keep It Maintained

Your new commercial refrigeration equipment won’t stay new forever. However, such is the quality of our product range, it will give you years of service.

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Tips For Organising Your Commercial Fridge

We can provide you with the highest quality commercial fridge on the market. But it’s up to you to organise it properly so you can reduce food waste and increase hygiene in your hospitality business. When you do that, your kitchen operates with greater efficiency and higher levels of food safety, and you will increase profits at the same time.

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Why We Think MISA Is Extra Cool

We are proud to supply and install the MISA brand, as we think it’s a world-class food storage product. MISA is a simple yet high-quality modular system of industrial cooler and freezer room solutions. It offers the great advantage of...

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