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Blast Chillers & Freezers

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Blast Chilling

Blast chillers lower recently cooked foods core temperatures down to +3 Deg C in less than 90 minutes. This reduces bacterial proliferation, dehydration, ensuring better preservation of quality, colour and fragrance of the food, as well as extending its shelf life.

Blast Freezing

During the process of Chillers freezing all the water molecules in a product turn to crystals. The faster and more efficient the freezing process the smaller the crystals, hence with blast chillers freezing, the foods taste, colour, odour, texture and safety are maintained similar to when the product was first produced or purchased.

Why Blast Chilling / Freezing
  • As New – The product is as good as the day created or purchased once opened or defrosted
  • No Wastage / Reduced Labour - Prepare in larger batches
  • Preservation - Reduce moisture loss / maintain yields
  • Elimination – Control bacterias
  • Preparation – Perfectly preserved foods (as made)
  • All year round – Extending seasonality of products