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Common Chiller Problems And How They Can Affect You

Skipping the regular maintenance check-ups on business equipment is rarely ever a smart financial decision. These important assets quickly become run down when in ill-repair, costing you thousands to fix or replace. And although most business owners strive to keep their chillers in good working condition throughout their lifespan, some do not.  This can sometimes be attributed to a lack of financial resources or support needed to pay for a maintenance service or simply just forgetting to keep to a maintenance schedule with frequent reminders. 

Depending on the nature of your business, it is likely that your chiller plays a pivotal role in operations. Whether it’s to store high-value products, keeping produce fresh and crispy or simply servicing customers walking into a store – chillers are reliant on upkeep to perform optimally. However, when we fail to prioritise this as business owners, we usually find that our hardworking chillers stop functioning as they should. 

These are two of the common chiller issues we encounter due to poor maintenance: 

Chillers That Won’t Switch On 

Even though it may be an instinct to double check the power switch to your chiller, it most likely will not be the resolution to the problem. This issue can indicate a loose voltage line from the chiller to main power, a possible blown fuse or insufficient connection. If trying to switch on a chiller multiple times does not seem to work, you will need to call out assistance immediately to ensure you are back up and running in no time. 

Chillers That Are Not Cooling Consistently

It’s essential that business owners check their product regularly to assess if their chiller is consistently cooling throughout. Inadequate temperatures and fluctuations will quickly lead to a loss of product and eventually sales. But this issue can be caused by several causes such as clogged filters, leaks and ice buildup.  A professional will be able to diagnose the source and determine the best way to repair your chiller or advise if you are in need of a replacement. 

Although you may not have sufficient knowledge to tackle a chiller in disrepair, you can quickly identify what may be the root of the problem and then call a professional technician out to assist. It’s crucial that you determine the consistency of cooling, ensure that your chillers are operational and that the pump is running. If you feel uncertain about any of these checkpoints, it’s time to call in the professionals. To book a consultation with one of our reliable and qualified technicians, contact us today.  

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