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Misa Benefits

Quality Italian Made PIR (polyurethane) Panel

Misa produce a High Density polyurethane panel system utilising Misa’s patented MSV construction technology. These panels are globally unique due to the cavity being vacuumed prior to the polyurethane being injected inside, enabling a flawless insulation and delivering greater energy efficiencies.

Misa panel is also -

  • HFC & CFC free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Holds no moisture

Fire Retardant

Misa Modular Panel System uses fire retardant self extinguishing foam. Misa is a fire safe product, using non absorbent self extinguishing foam that can result in lower insurance premiums compared to standard EPS (polystyrene) refrigeration panel.

Quick Assembly or Disassembly

Misa Patented ‘fast-fit’ twin hook camlock system allows for the perfect alignment of panels and enables the rooms to be easily assembled and disassembled within hours. No onsite cutting, riveting or sealants required limiting onsite barriers such as noise, mess and waste.

Size Options

Misa Modular panel systems have extremely flexible solutions for all room sizes and configurations. The panels are available in 400mm, 800mm, and 1200mm, and room heights of 2030mm, 2430mm, 2830mm to 3230mm. The Misa system is available in hundreds of different size configurations.

Ideal for Tight Spaces

Misa Modular panel systems are built entirely from the inside out which enables all the physical space to be utilised. The vital vapour barrier required is achieved without compromise.

Thinner Panel

Utilising the Misa Modular Panel System enables more useable space inside the rooms compared to conventional EPS panels. Misa panels are up to 50% thinner than EPS giving the same or superior insulation values.

Easy Clean

Misa panels have a plastic powder coated finish with internal and external rounded corners that surpass health department sanitation requirements. The plastic powder coated finish enables a scratch resistance and wipe clean surface.


The Misa Modular Panel system enables huge flexibility with the ability of chiller, freezer or productions rooms all to be uniformly combined within one space.

Flat Packed

The Misa Modular Panel System is easily and cost effectively freighted to your premise as a ‘flat pack’. Due to the amazing benefits of the Misa panel it can arrive ‘flat packed’ and any competent individual can easily install within a matter of hours.

Energy Efficient

Improved energy efficiencies compared to standard EPS polystyrene panel systems. Up to 50% more efficient.

Moving Premises

Moving premises can be an expensive exercise with standard EPS panel but with the Misa Modular Panel it is simple, easy and fast.

Higher Resale Value

Due to the flexibility of the system the whole of life cost of Misa is less than conventional EPS systems.

Flooring Options

Misa Modular Panel System rooms can be built without floors (on existing concrete) or with the Misa heavy duty insulated floors.

Door Options

With the Misa system there are hinged doors 700mm or 1000mm, sliding doors 800mm, 1000mm or 1600mm and even Reach in doors full or split 610mm.

The Misa hinged doors have a keylock, an internal safety release, illuminated handles and heavy duty plastic hardware.

Freezers doors have the additional features of a heated door frame and port relief valve.

Freeblock Integral Refrigeration

A push in style complete refrigeration system that locks into place in a matter of minutes using the Misa Camlock system. The room can be fully operational without the need for refrigeration engineers or electricians.

The Freeblocks are rated at a 43 Deg C ambient and are available in both Chiller & Freezer versions.