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Keep It Clean And Keep It Maintained

Your new commercial refrigeration equipment won’t stay new forever. However, such is the quality of our product range, it will give you years of service. To stretch those years out even further, cleaning and maintenance are very important - yet, as you’ll see in the following tips, so easy to do.

  • Cleaning is one of the easiest things to do and is vitally important as well. Yet this is something often done on a random or “needs must” basis e.g. when something spills in the fridge. Yet cleaning of both exterior and interior surfaces needs to be done at least twice a week - and every day if you’re in the food preparation business. Ensure you use the right cleaning products for each appliance - what works for one might actually be detrimental for another. Check with us and we’ll help you find the right cleaning products.
  • While we’re talking about cleaning, pay special attention to the filters. Grime and dust accumulate around filters which need to be kept clean so they can continue to perform their vital function of keeping impurities out of your refrigerated space. 
  • The gaskets within a commercial fridge seal the fridge and allow it to work efficiently.  When cracks or cuts are present in the gaskets, they could allow cool air to eventually escape, meaning the fridge’s performance will suffer. This compromises both the safety and the quality of the food inside and will cost you more in power bills. Check the gaskets frequently and call us if it looks like they need to be repaired.
  • Different commercial refrigeration appliances operate best at different temperatures. Know the optimal temperature range of each piece of equipment and monitor accordingly. Too warm, or too cold, needs to be addressed, especially when temperatures begin to fluctuate outside of a healthy range. As you’d expect, food quality and safety are threatened so contact us and we’ll determine the cause of those up and down temperatures.

Finally, once you have bought your commercial refrigeration equipment from us, don’t forget about us! For your equipment to keep on doing the business for you, you’ll need us to carry out more complex maintenance and service work. We know you have a choice when it comes to getting people to do that service work, but no one knows commercial refrigeration as well as we do. When it’s time for maintenance or service, contact us. We know what we’re doing and we’ll keep things humming along nicely for many years!

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