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Cool Room, Freezer Room, Walk In Chiller

Cool Freezer Rooms
Cool Freezer Rooms
Cool Freezer Rooms
Cool Freezer Rooms
Misa Technical

Misa Modular Polyurethane Rooms

A simplistic modular system of industrial cooler and freezer room solutions, with the advantage of quick assembly or disassembly over time.

The Misa system can be utilised for industrial cooler, walk-in chiller and freezer rooms, production rooms, processing plants or any food grade area.

As your business evolves and expands so too can your MISA industrial cooler or freezer room be easily expanded or re located within hours not days. The MISA modular system ensures your investment retains more value than an expanded polystyrene (E.P.S) constructed room. Removal of the need for on site cutting with all its associated hazards, improved fire resistance, reduced running costs resulting from superior insulation qualities and rapid on site assembly are key benefits enjoyed by MISA users nationally including; db Breweries, Subway, Nosh Supermarkets, Four Square supermarkets, Pita Pit, Liquor King and many other businesses throughout New Zealand.

We can supply any size to suit your requirements. Please contact your representative for a free no obligation quotation


Panels can be added or taken out at a later date, giving you huge flexibility and major advantage over polystyrene installations.

MISA manufacture modular Reach In rooms with or without Freeblock cassette motors for clients seeking a storage solution larger than a freestanding plug in fridge or freezer but smaller than a cool or freezer room. These rooms are available 800mm deep (internal) or wider in increments of just 400mm. Bakeries, warehouses, pharmaceutical suppliers, caterers, rest homes have all benefited from this design. Options include; shelving, glass doors, split doors, full height solid doors with or without viewing windows are all available on request.

Cool Freezer Rooms

Misa Features

High density polyurethane panel system in two thicknesses; enabling better insulation (more energy efficient) and thinner panels than polystyrene to achieve larger internal capacities.

Chiller S9 60mm
Freezer S10 100mm

Quick and easy installation and disassembly by means of the Misa ‘Fast Fit’ twin hook camlock system. Assemble with an allen key within hours. No panel cutting, riveting or glueing.

Cool Freezer Rooms

Various sizes in increments of 400mm to suit individual requirements.

Misa Fast Fit Large

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam insulated internal and external rounded corners enabling food grade sanitary sections for easy cleaning.

Floor panels in a high density reinforced polyurethane panel with a finished floor surface comprising of an anti slip plastic coating. (No vinyl required.)

Where a level flat concrete floor is available at ground level a cool room can be constructed directly onto it without a need for MISA floor panels. Our support edging is made from hard wearing PVC and is coved ensuring the same superior food safety. Fully coved finish is delivered on every installation.

Fire Safe

Misa high density polyurethane panel system is a fire safe product using non absorbent self extinguishing foam

  • HFC & CFC
  • Free Uses self extinguishing foam
  • More fire retardent than standard
  • EPS panels Lower insurance premiums

Cool Freezer Rooms

Rooms with no floors utilise a coved high density plastic ‘u’ hannel that is fixed to the existing concrete floor enabling a fully sealed and covered finish.

MISA hinged door hardware includes key locks and luminous internal safety release complient with building codes and in house safety plans.

Freezer door frames


Industrial Cooler and Freezer door frames come complete with easily renewable heaters and a built in pressure relief port to ensure doors do not blow open on defrost cycle.


Refrigeration Equipment

The Misa industrial cooler and freezer rooms can be fitted with Freeblock (integral) or remote condensing units.


A simple 'plug in' condensing unit and vaporator that locks into place in minutes by way of the Misa Camlock system. The reeblock comes with a hermetic compressor, air condenser, suitable for ambient emperature from 0˚c to 43˚c, digital controller, light and dissipation tray.

Cool Freezer Rooms

Cool Freezer Rooms

A traditional separate system allowing the condenser to be fitted away from the room. This comes with a condensing unit with hermetic compressor, an air condenser suitable for ambient temperature up to +32˚c, digital controller and light.


Refrigeration Equipment