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Is Your Food Photo Worthy?

Food presentation has always been important but never more so than now. People used to eat food in cafes and restaurants but these days they seem to spend just as much time taking photos of it. This means you need to place a greater emphasis on how you present your fare - in the social media age, food photos are going viral, and they can make your eatery look mouthwatering and irresistible. That has to be good for business.

We can help you. The team at Honar Refrigeration supply and service a wide range of cabinets that show off all sorts of food at its very best. This includes:

Clean, stylish and modern food cabinets are an eye-catching addition to your business that your customers will notice straight away. Features like sleek shelving and lighting will only add to that great first impression. As for the food itself? Maybe it’s time for you to rethink how it is presented? After all, with more people “eating with their eyes” and posting on their Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook accounts, there’s an opportunity for you to promote your cafe or bakery like never before.

So, how do you take your food presentation to the next level? By going to the places where your potential customers are posting their photos! Look at sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest - it’s easy to search through these social media platforms and look at photos taken in other cafes, bakeries, bars and restaurants all around the world. There is so much inspiration and so many ideas for you to use in your business. 

Take a look at how food is presented in cabinets. What sort of plates are being used? Are those plates being propped up at an angle to better show off the food? Are the labels that describe each item written in an appealing way? What sort of spacing is there between each item? 

Look too at how meals are plated. The way the food is placed on each plate. The shape and design of the plate itself. Check for cutlery that stands out, or trendy table settings. All of these things combine to make a visual impact.

In summary, it’s time to make your food photo worthy. We know it’s tasty but if people are attracted by what they see on social media, there’s a big chance you’ll sell more of the delicious food you produce. Our cabinets should be a big part of your focus on improved presentation, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve invested in quality equipment. When it’s time to upgrade your cabinets, contact us and we’ll help you choose something that is functional, reliable and very eye-catching.

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