Terms & Conditions

To guarantee your equipment uses the least amount of power and the machinery is not working outside its design parameters meaning your 24 months parts and 12 months labour warranty is not compromised, please ensure you undertake programmed preventative maintenance on your machinery. The upfront charge for this maintenance is often far less than a costly, inconvenient refrigeration breakdown occurring when least expected.

Honars Warranty Terms and Conditions stipulate Preventative Maintenance must be carried out at minimum six month intervals. Extreme environments may demand more frequent checks, your Technician can advise on this.

Honars warranty provides coverage during our service hours 0800 to 1630 Monday to Friday. Should you request warranty or breakdown service repairs outside of these hours our current charges are $95 + gst per hour with a minimum $150 charge. (Prices exclude GST, mileage.)

If you have any queries or seek clarification of your circumstances please contact your Honar Representative, they are keen and able to assist.

Unless specificly agreed between Honar and the customer, on acceptance of a sales order, the terms of payment will be Cash On Delivery.

Legal title will not transfer until full & final payment is received for all goods & services.