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Why We Think MISA Is Extra Cool

We are proud to supply and install the MISA brand, as we think it’s a world-class food storage product. MISA is a simple yet high-quality modular system of industrial cooler and freezer room solutions. It offers the great advantage of quick assembly or disassembly meaning minimal disruption in any situation, including warehouse fridges, industrial coolers, walk-in chillers and freezer rooms, production rooms, processing plants or any food grade area.

But don’t take our word for it. An off-shore refrigeration company was asked to list their reasons for endorsing the MISA brand and they cited these benefits:   

  1. Energy Savings. The patented technology of the MISA Vacuum System provides superb insulation properties to significantly reduce power and running costs
  2. Reduced Insurance Costs. The fire-retardant properties of the polyurethane panels used within MISA products can lead to reduced insurance premiums. 
  3. Improved Food Safety. MISA delivers a HACCP certified product that incorporates the brands own Food Defence, which is a permanent and active anti-bacterial system contained within the panel coating
  4. A Long-Term Asset. MISA products like warehouse refrigeration units or freezer rooms are able to be updated very easily, and moved or relocated if circumstances change, which maximizes the useful life of the original product.
  5. Quality Finish. The tough plastic surface is non-toxic and substantially stronger and more durable than pre-painted surfaces. This means an extended life span, as well as a  scratch and rust-resistant finish
  6. Quick and Easy To Assemble. As we’ve already stated, a MISA unit allows for on-site assembly within a matter of hours. There is no messy panel cutting required, and limited expertise is all that is needed to assemble the unit thanks to MISA’s patented Fast-Fit System
  7. Fully Compliant. MISA cool and freezer rooms are an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System and also comply with the Australian and New Zealand building code.

Cold and frozen food storage doesn’t get any better than the MISA brand. That is why we’re proud suppliers and installers to customers as diverse as DB Breweries, Subway, Nosh Supermarkets, Four Square supermarkets, Pita Pit, Liquor King and many other businesses throughout New Zealand. We’d love for you to enjoy all of the benefits of MISA as well. As your business evolves and grows so too will your MISA industrial cooler or freezer room. It can easily be expanded or relocated within hours, and not days, making it an investment that will serve you for longer. To discuss MISA in more detail, please feel free to contact us. 

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