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Replacing Your Commercial Freezer

Successful business output in the produce industry is often reliant on one type of equipment, the commercial freezer. It is a crucial piece of equipment in providing your customers with the freshest ingredients, keeping them in high-quality condition without altering such food in any way. 

With the correct maintenance, routine repairs and proper care taken of your commercial freezer, you may be able to extend its lifespan to ensure it continues being a valuable asset to your business. But much like any other type of equipment, even with the most stringent schedule adhered to for upkeep, commercial freezers are not designed to operate forever. Manufacturers, provide end of use dates and ignoring these can be detrimental to the profitability of your business in the long-run. 

So how do you know when it’s time to consider a replacement? Here are the signs to look out for. 

Cooling Issues 

A freezer needs to stay sufficiently cool throughout the operation to ensure that your products are not compromised in any way. If your commercial freezer is no longer consistent, this can become a major issue and impact your end customer. While you may look for short-term solutions such as monitoring airflow for the cold escaping and replacing hinges, chances are it is not going to resolve the issue on a worn-out freezer. 

Frequent Servicing

A big indicator that business owners should look out for is if they are servicing their freezer far too often after it’s end use date. Manufacturers use this data to inform their customers of best use and practice, disregarding this information can affect your business negatively. Although it may seem more costly to simply purchase new equipment, service bills will start escalating over time. You need to do a cost comparison to help you determine what the best solution is for your business.

Loss Of Product 

Even though cooling problems play a significant role in degrading the quality of products, you may only realise there is a problem with fans or motors on your commercial freezer once you start to lose product. “Expired” equipment can sometimes seem to be in good condition because it still works as it used too, but this does not depict if there may be an underlying problem that business owners may be unaware of. Whether it’s melted goods or mouldy produce, customers will quickly notice this and take their custom elsewhere. 

Although one may notice the slight lagging, inconsistent cooling and loud operational noises – many still choose to keep their commercial freezers long after its use-by date. We may feel that because of how much we had spent over time for installation and servicing, it should still serve a purpose. But as a business owner, your freezer was an investment into your business and it paid itself off over the years by adequately performing as it should. Which is why you should not hesitate to consider replacement when the time comes for new equipment. To learn more about our product catalogue, services and industry support – contact us today at Honar Refrigeration. 

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