You Must Have Commercial Freezer Maintenance Checklist

Your Must-Have Commerical Freezer Maintenance Checklist

If you’ve recently bought a top-of-the-range commercial freezer, you’ll probably think it will last for a long time and rarely malfunction. If the freezer is a reputable brand, then you’re justified in thinking so. However, there are things you can do to extend its lifespan even further and get even better value for money from your new investment. By following this maintenance checklist, you’ll reduce the likelihood of costly malfunctions and breakages, and enjoy other benefits too.  

Regular Maintenance Tips

The first tip is to call in the experts! Keeping your commercial freezer running for longer requires thorough and regular maintenance, and while you think you can do it, a professional job will always be better than yours. 

For a start, you need to pressure clean and degrease the condenser coils. Then you’ll have to clear condensate drain lines and check the condition of the door gaskets. The compressor operation and control wiring have to be checked, as well as the refrigerant level and the unit thermometer. Other points to assess include suction line insulation, door hinges and door closers. Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need to check and adequately adjust the defrost timers. That’s a lot of things to take care of, and further proof that an expert in commercial freezers is the best person to do it. 

It is important to note that the maintenance of your freezer must be regular and ongoing. A check here and a check there won’t extend the lifespan of your appliance; only frequent maintenance will achieve that.   

We understand that you probably won’t know where all the parts are, or what they even do. You will obviously struggle to maintain and service your commercial freezer if this is the case. An online search might help if you want to handle all the tasks on your checklist but by calling in the professionals, you’ll ensure your freezer is maintained properly. 

Benefits Of Regular And Thorough Maintenance 

By regularly maintaining your commercial freezer, you’ll save money on repair costs and enjoy a host of other benefits as well.  

Proper maintenance reduces power consumption, while critical components like compressors, capillary tubes and condenser fan motors have an extended life span as well. From a health point of view, mould growth and contaminated spotted ice are also drastically reduced, which promotes a safer environment within the appliance. 

If you need assistance with your commercial freezer maintenance, or if you’re looking to purchase a new one, you can book a consultation with one of our qualified technicians. Our team can help you with anything related to commercial freezers, or other large appliances, so contact us today.  

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