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Who Left The Walk-In Chiller Door Open?

A common question asked in restaurant kitchens is, “Who left the door open?” Chances are, it’s not just any door being asked about. It’s often the walk-in chiller door that is left open - and that can be cold and costly. It might not be human forgetfulness causing the problem; it might be something else that you can fix easily.

First Things To Check

First up, check that the chiller is level on the ground and not leaning forward. If it isn’t level, then it might just be gravity causing the door to malfunction. If that’s not the culprit, a simple check will allow you to see if misaligned shelves or certain food items are blocking the door and causing it to be left open. A shelf that is out of alignment by just a millimetre or two is enough to stop a door from closing properly.

If everything is ok with the shelves, check the door hinges and seals next. If the door hinges are loose, it’s time to tighten the small screws around them. This is often enough to fix the door closing mechanism.

Now take a closer look at the door seal. It might have become stiff from old age, wear and tear, or because it’s dirty. If it’s the latter, clean the seal and remove any food particles, grime or dust which may have become lodged within the seal. A clean washrag and warm water are all you need for this job. If it’s a case of old age or damage, then its best to call in the professionals to fit a new one. The symptoms of an old seal that needs replacing include rips and tears, or it might be brittle to the touch. If that’s the case, no amount of cleaning will help. Get a new one!

Of course, the human factor might be to blame, especially if you’ve checked hinges, seals, shelves etc. While most team members will be careful about shutting the door behind them, it’s always a good idea to remind them about the consequences of leaving the chiller door open for too long. It reduces the efficiency of the unit and increases your power bills, and that’s not good for the bottom line.

If you need assistance with your malfunctioning walk-in chiller door or require a service or repair for any other large electrical appliance, contact us today at Honar Refrigeration.  

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