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Why Blast Chillers Are So Cool

Our products are seen all over the country, specifically in places where food and drinks are produced or sold. Our extensive product range includes blast chillers and we think they’re cool - really cool. Blast chillers quickly lower the temperature of food, much faster than any commercial fridge or freezer and that’s why they’re so beneficial. Blast chillers (also known as blast freezers or flash freezers) typically have multiple shelves where food products are stored and chilled at extremely low temperatures. When that happens, all of the advantages of blast chilling (and blast freezing) come to the fore. And there are many of them, as you’ll soon discover.

Blast chillers lower the core temperature of recently cooked foods down to +3 degrees Celsius in less than 90 minutes. This reduces bacterial proliferation and dehydration, ensuring enhanced preservation of quality, colour and fragrance of the food, as well as extending its shelf life. 

Our blast chillers can also be set to act as blast freezers which can take food down from +90 degrees Celsius to –18 degrees Celsius in just 240 minutes. No conventional or commercial freezer can match that performance. During the freezing process,  all the water molecules in a product turn to crystals but because a blast freezer is so fast and efficient, the crystals are much smaller so frozen foods retain their taste, colour, aroma and safety when they’re thawed - the quality is similar to when it was first produced or purchased. This is why many chefs and bakers swear by blast freezing; they can cook or bake ahead of time, freeze their delicious creations, and defrost them knowing they’ll be just as delicious.

We see blast chillers/freezers as being so advantageous that they’re almost indispensable in almost any food-related business. And with food hygiene being vitally important, and the difference between a bad reputation and a great one, then we hope you’d agree that they’re essential in that aspect alone. But when you look at all the other factors, like retaining nutritional value, taste, texture, aroma and colour, then it further confirms what we have always said; there should be room in every kitchen for a blast chiller. 

If you’d like to discuss the blast chillers we have in our product range, and all the good things they could do for your food business, simply get in touch and we’ll happily chat about these very, very cool appliances.

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