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Create An Eye-Catching, High-Selling Display

Have you got your eye on a new commercial fridge for your food-selling business? So have your customers! A commercial fridge that displays food at its freshest and most appealing will catch the eye and increase sales. It’s all part of the ethos that customers eat, and buy, with their eyes! An American survey backs that up.

The survey lists the most important factors for the presentation of fresh foods in grocery stores among consumers. The respondents weren’t limited to one answer. They were invited to name ALL the things that they felt were significant. Here are some of them:

  • 76% said products that look fresh was important in their purchase decision.
  • 35% cited the appealing appearance of the food.
  • 35% said the cleanliness of the display was critical.

These were the big three responses as far as the survey was concerned, and all three can be directly connected to the quality of a new commercial display fridge. For example, a display fridge that maintains a constant temperature without extreme variations helps to keep food fresh and looking that way. The appealing appearance of the food can be enhanced by well-placed lighting e.g. LED lighting top and under shelving. And a commercial fridge that is easy to clean, and keep that way, will ensure that part of the overall display is kept up to scratch as well.

The way the fridge itself looks is also crucial to all this. A smart looking unit with crisp clean lines, and without rust, scratches and dents will make the food inside it look even better. Old commercial fridges that look their age are not only unsightly but they also raise questions about hygiene and the freshness of the food within them.

While a commercial display fridge that looks the part will encourage impulse purchases, it needs to meet a range of practical requirements as well. It needs to be reliable and easy to maintain. Easy access is essential too; customers want their food in a hurry, and staff need to refill the fridge without delay. Energy efficiency is important as well, and your commercial refrigeration unit needs to operate at minimal cost to maximise your profits. For all of those things, contact us and we’ll help you choose a commercial fridge that will do a fantastic job while looking good at the same time.

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