What Sets Commercial Freezer Apart From Domestic Freezer?

What Sets Commercial Freezers Apart From Domestic Freezers

A freezer is an essential part of any kitchen, but does a commercial kitchen really require a commercial freezer? Wouldn’t a domestic freezer do the job?

At Honar Refrigeration, we are freezer experts and have put together a list of the main differences between commercial and domestic freezers. This will help you make the best decision when it comes to meeting your freezer requirements.


When buying any appliance, it’s important to think about how long it will last. While a domestic freezer may be cheaper, you could end up having to replace it sooner than you want to. This is because domestic freezers are not built to do the work of a commercial freezer, which has the main function of freezing a significant amount of foodstuffs. Therefore, the motor is designed to be more powerful and reliable, and to last longer. 


If you’re concerned about cost, domestic freezers are your cheaper option. Commercial freezers are more expensive, but for good reason: they’re bigger, they hold more, and they offer superior performance and reliability.


Both commercial and domestic freezers usually come with some sort of warranty if you’re buying from a reputable seller. This warranty protects you in case of factory faults and issues, provided that these problems are not due to your negligence. In some cases, the supplier may even do repairs within a certain timeframe without charging. But a word of warning: a warranty for a domestic freezer may be deemed invalid should you use it for commercial purposes. Always check this before you buy.

Temperature Monitoring Capabilities

Depending on what sort of products you have in your freezer, you may need certain temperature monitoring systems to ensure everything is kept at the desired temperature. If this is the case, a domestic freezer is probably not the right option for you or your commercial kitchen. The temperature monitoring systems and control options in a domestic freezer are usually very basic and not built for commercial purposes.

Food Security

In a commercial kitchen, the combined value of the products in your freezer will be significant. With a number of people having access to your kitchen, it’s important to keep your freezer locked. Commercial freezers usually come with locks, or the option to have one installed. Domestic freezers usually do not have locking options as they have been designed to be used in your home.

If you require a new commercial freezer or are seeking professionals to do some commercial freezer repairs, contact us at Honar Refrigeration right away!

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