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Five Ways To Keep Your Commercial Fridge In Tip Top Shape

Buying new equipment for your business can be exciting. It improves the quality, efficiency and capacity of the services you provide customers. However, it’s never as simple as just buying the equipment and leaving it as is. Take a commercial fridge for example. The likelihood is that a variety of perishable goods will be kept in it at intervals, and if you don’t know what kind of care it needs, you may end up with spoilt food, flooding or sticky, stinky messes.

You don’t have to become an expert technician to keep your fridge under control for maintenance purposes, but you can follow these five tips to keep your commercial fridge in peak condition.

Maintenance Tip One: Keep The Fridge Clean, Both Inside & Out

The easiest and arguably the most important thing you can do is to clean all parts of your commercial fridge on a frequent basis. Once or twice a week should suffice and will prevent small messes from getting bigger. Look for gentle but effective cleaning materials that won’t cause surface damage.

Maintenance Tip Two: Make Sure That The Gaskets Are Air Tight At All Times

The gasket’s ability to seal the fridge is crucial to making the appliance work efficiently. Check for cuts or cracks every so often and if any are found, have them repaired immediately so that they don’t develop into bigger openings for air to escape from.

Maintenance Tip Three: Be Consistent When It Comes To Setting The Temperature

Different products will require different temperatures to remain at an optimal level of quality. However, you should still commit to a temperature range to stay within. This will prevent damage that can arise from randomly flip-flopping between temperatures.

Maintenance Tip Four: Clear Out Dust & Grime That Collects Around The Air Filters

Your fridge’s air filters keep impurities out, so they should be maintained regularly. A quicky clean every few days should be enough to keep dirt and grease from accumulating where the purified air should be passing through.

Maintenance Tip Five: Book Regular Servicing With A Local Company

Last, but definitely not least, you need to find a commercial fridge company that you can rely on for repairs and maintenance. Check that they’re qualified, experienced and equipped to deal with the make, model and type of fridge you have.

At Honar Refrigeration, we have a team that’s dedicated to helping customers with all things commercial fridge related. Contact us today to service or repair yours.

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