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Three Most Common Problems with Industrial Fridges

Owning a supermarket or butchery demands efficient working equipment and machinery. The performance of equipment is crucial to the lifespan of your business and ultimately happy customers. High performing equipment is an asset to any business, as it will efficiently help business owners achieve their long-term objectives. An example of critical equipment that some companies can rely on is an industrial fridge. With correct maintenance and care, your business can thrive in its competitive industry. 

Too often, business owners fail to maintain their industrial fridges, and that can end up costing more money in the long run. From that screeching sound, ice on the exterior of the freezer, to issues with the door, a quick call to maintenance experts can help avoid this.

Depending on the nature of your business, be it a local deli or a completely fitted supermarket, industrial fridge issues that go unchecked can be expensive. 

We have compiled a list of the three most common problems with industrial fridges that you should look out for. 

Excessive Build-Up 

People rarely take notice when there is frost build-up, assuming it’s merely “just how a fridge works”. But this is a sign that your fridge needs to urgently be looked at. The excessive build-up of ice restricts proper airflow and ventilation within the refrigerator. By not paying attention to ice build-up, product quality can be affected because of inconsistent cooling. Defrosting your freezer can be the quickest solution to addressing the problem at hand, but your industrial fridge still needs an expert opinion to determine how severe the source of the issue is. 

Power Issues 

Noticing that the lights keep dimming out on an industrial fridge or one that frequently keeps switching off is a sure sign that you may have a problem. The most cost-effective way to manage this issue, to some, would be to keep switching it on and off whenever it shuts down. However, that is not a realistic solution, and a professional service provider can help determine what the root problem is with your fridge. By inspecting the unit, a specialist will be able to decide on what repairs need to be done. 

Amplified Noises 

A smooth sounding machine is often an indicator of an optimal working industrial fridge. Business owners should stay alert to any loud noises, as this will highlight a possible issue. If the occasional “bang” is becoming more frequent or if the general operational noises of a fridge prolong, there may be a fault in the motor or compressor. Ignoring foreign sounds may lead to further damage to your industrial fridge. Best seek expert advice from a repair company to assist in locating the source, to assess your industrial fridge for any faults and then proceed with resolving them.  

Not only can business owners end up having to discard a valuable product because of a faulty industrial fridge, but it can also have a deterring effect on consumers who find themselves buying a compromised product from you. With a potential loss in sales and profits, you should never ignore problems with your industrial fridge.

Honar Refrigeration specialises in industrial fridge installation and servicing. Do you suspect that there’s a problem with your equipment? Contact us today. 

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