Five Tips to Help You Choose The Perfect Walk in Freezer or Cooler

Five Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Walk In Freezer Or Cooler

Are you a business owner who sells fresh or frozen goods or products? If this is you, then you’re probably aware that a standard home fridge doesn’t quite do the job on a commercial scale. This means you need to invest in a great quality walk in freezer or cooler. However, this type of cooling machinery doesn’t come cheap. Because of this, it’s crucial to take extra care during the selection process.

Features and benefits differ from walk-in to walk-in, so it only makes sense to shop around and conduct some comparisons before you buy. Not too sure what you should look out for? This blog is for you. We share some expert tips on what to check on.

  1. Request A Variety Of Quotes From

 Different Companies To Work Out Your Budget

The point of departure for any major purchase is your pocket. Whether you’re buying from your savings or taking out a loan, you need to decide what you can afford before you can start viewing units. Ask for quote estimates and use them to work out your price range; this way, you’ll be financially prepared.

  1. Compare Indoor & Outdoors Cooler Options

Depending on the layout of your commercial property, you’ll have to choose either an indoor or outdoor unit. Each has its pros and cons. However, in a nutshell, an outdoor cooler is ideal if you don’t have space indoors, while an indoor one provides secure storage and easy access to the items inside.

  1. Size Matters – Decide How Big You Want It

Every business has its unique requirements as it pertains to size specifications. At Honar Refrigeration, we cater for this with a broad range of size and customisation options. This means each customer gets exactly what they need, every time.

  1. Think about The Function Of A Walk-In Freezer Vs. Cooler

People often use the terms “cooler” and “freezer” interchangeably, but this is incorrect. The former works well for preserving fresh contents in a cool environment, while the latter is designed to reach below-zero temperature for freezing. Buy the one that’s appropriate for your business.

  1. Consider The Unit’s Energy Consumption & Efficiency

A new walk-in equals additional utility costs. Make sure you know how much energy the unit you buy will consume, as well as the level of efficiency it comes with.

Looking for a top quality walk-in freezer or cooler? Contact Honar Refrigeration today.

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