Understanding The Different Types of Commercial Chillers

Understanding The Different Types Of Commercial Chillers

As a business owner, choosing high-performing equipment for your business is often the ultimate priority. Especially in industries dependent on consistent product quality and output, such as fresh produce stores, restaurants and floral companies. 

Chillers fall into the category of essential equipment, functioning as temperature control machinery to ensure constant cooling that can optimise your productivity. With the assistance of Honar Refrigeration, we have compiled this blog post to help you make the right decision in purchasing a chiller that is suitable to your operations and business needs. 

Depending on your business outputs, there are several types of commercial chillers available to choose from. The two main examples include air-cooled and water-cooled. 

Commercial Air-Cooled Chillers 

Air-cooled chillers, function on air, by moving heat through the condenser to start the condensation process and then circulates it back into the chiller to keep consistent cooling. There are fans within the chiller that assist in the functioning of the chiller and are ideal for majority industries. However, they do produce a massive amount of heat and that can affect the surrounding areas within the business environment. 

The advantages of these chillers include mobility, the sizes which can be more economical to choose from and ease of maintenance. The added benefit is that you can use the heat coming off the chiller to keep the area warm during cold months. Unfortunately, due to the fans located in these chillers, noise levels can be increased. 

Commercial Water-Cooling Chillers 

Water-cooled chillers are quite popular, more so than air-cooling systems amongst commercial industries. Water is distributed through the system to cool the refrigerant which holds gas, which is then manipulated into liquid and circulated to keep the chiller cold. These types of chillers are much quieter in comparison, with additional portability and are available for various sized businesses. With regular maintenance and servicing done on a water-cooled chiller, business owners can increase the lifespan and productivity effortlessly. However, due to this chiller requiring an external water source, it may not be the ideal solution to areas affected by water restrictions.

These two chillers both perform optimally when installed correctly, with sufficient upkeep done frequently. The major difference between both is how they work and how they generate cooling temperatures.  

At Honar Refrigeration, we can best advise you on the most suitable chiller for your business. We have a large selection that helps you achieve energy efficiency, higher productively levels and affordable installations – contact us today for more information. 

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