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Preparing An Industrial Fridge For Summer

An industrial or commercial fridge needs regular maintenance and servicing all year-round. Even more, as temperatures rise over summer – business owners need to ensure that their equipment can maintain consistent cooling even on the hottest day. Depending on the nature of a business, fresh produce may need to be in extreme crisp condition, especially as we near the festive season. Be it a restaurant business, a local deli or supermarket on the corner, a malfunctioning industrial fridge can cause a significant loss in revenue over the busiest time of year. 

As cooling experts, Honar Refrigeration understands the importance of an operating industrial fridge during the heat. And so we have prepared a few pointers on how to best prepare your industrial fridge for summer. 

Clean And Reorganise 

The first step in preparation is thoroughly cleaning up an industrial fridge. Although this exercise should be done frequently, an additional clean-up before the holidays can bring your attention to any possible problems. It allows business owners an opportunity to assess if there is ice-build, reduced airflow and determine product organisation for customer efficiency. It can indicate any worn-out hinges that may be letting cooling out involuntarily and even doors that are no longer level. 

Consider A Mini-Servicing

Calling a professional before the holidays can give managers peace of mind. An expert can do a run-through of how well an industrial fridge is operating and attend to faulty gaskets, freezing condenser coils and lose seals. Although this can be an additional financial cost many may want to avoid, it can help reduce any future problem from developing.

Reshuffle Space 

As it heats up, business owners are advised to evaluate the space around their industrial fridge. If it is haphazardly put in the middle of a supermarket floor for example, with boxes piled high up on each side, it can contribute to an overworking fridge. It is also advised to keep the area around a refrigerator as dry as possible, so storing cleaning materials or wet mops and buckets can lead to an increase in moisture. Not only will this make an industrial fridge work harder to stay cool, but it can also become the source of a mould outbreak. 

A malfunctioning industrial fridge during summer can become disastrous to a business that specialises in fresh produce and food items. It can lead to poor quality products being sold or served to customers, due to food being compromised as a result of a struggling fridge. It can also lead to stock losses that business owners may not have anticipated. To book a service appointment with Honar Refrigeration, or speak to a consultant, call us today.

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