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The Scoop On Our Ice Cream Freezers

Looking for an ice cream display freezer in time to keep your customers happy and cool this summer? Well, you’re certainly in the right place. We can help you with a vertical ice cream freezer, a horizontal freezer, or even with a scoop ice cream cabinet. We have different heights, different widths, different storage capacities, and different looks, so whatever it is you’re after, we’ll have something that sweetly fits in with your requirements.

Because there is such a wide range of ice cream freezers to choose from, the first thing to do when going through the purchasing process is to give us a call. We can run through a checklist of your specific requirements and suggest the best model for your needs. Don’t make the often-repeated mistake of buying an ice cream freezer just because it’s cheap, or because it looks nice. While these are certainly very attractive features, it doesn’t mean your final choice will be the best one as there is so much to consider. These factors include:

  • The type of ice cream you want to refrigerate
  • Storage and display temperatures
  • Size of the unit
  • Storage capacity
  • Positioning and airflow
  • Cooling and defrost types
  • Power requirements
  • Specifications and features e.g. sliding or hinged lids, locks, protective glass shelving etc
  • Brand reputation
  • Warranty
  • Cleaning, servicing and maintenance requirements
  • Price...of course!

There really is so much to think about when choosing an ice cream display freezer. From that long list, you can easily see why you should discuss your purchase with us before actually making one. It’s important you get it right. With summer on the horizon, and the enticing prospect of selling lots of ice cream on hot, sunny days, you want your freezer to operate at peak efficiency while showing off the sweet treats to maximum effect. 

All of our refrigeration products, ice cream freezers included, are selected and supplied on the basis of energy efficiency, reliability and design. Plus, we’re happy to work alongside you to provide ‘Best Practice’ solutions for your business. So there really is no need for you to go it alone when choosing your new ice cream freezer. Contact us and we’ll help you make just the right choice, and sell lots of New Zealand’s favourite sweet treat over summer.

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