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Kiwis Love Their Ice Cream

We have a huge range of commercial chillers and freezers. Whatever you need, we have it. This includes scoop ice cream cabinets. If you’re in the business of selling delicious ice cream on a hot summer’s day, it’s important that you have the best cabinet you can afford. It needs to display your ice cream at its enticing best - after all, we eat with our eyes. But the cabinet should also keep the ice cream at the perfect temperature, so it is easy to scoop; the correct temperature will also ensure the ice cream is at its best for your customers which means it isn’t icy, but full of creaminess, just as it should be.

It’s critical your ice cream is just right because Kiwi customers demand nothing but the best. We’re crazy about ice cream, and we have the statistics to prove it. New Zealanders consume about 23 litres per capita per year, which makes us some of the biggest ice cream eaters in the world. In fact, we have seen very recent figures which rank us at Number One, ahead of Australia and even the USA, which is widely considered to be the Ice cream capital of the world. Furthermore, ice cream and edible ices account for about $1 of every $44 spent on food by New Zealand households - that’s around 2% which is quite amazing when you think about it!

We love ice cream so much because we make some of the best in the world. New Zealand is renowned all over the globe for the quality of our dairy products, like cheese, butter and ice cream, of course. This is largely because of a clean environment, year-round grazing on lush outdoor pastures, a technologically advanced dairy industry, and some of the most stringent  quality and hygiene standards in the world. As a result, our ice cream is made from premium dairy ingredients and the proof is in the eating.

To top it off, a combination of a highly competitive marketplace and historical distance from equipment suppliers has helped New Zealand develop wonderful ice cream manufacturing technology and engineering infrastructure; this allows local ice cream makers to produce something that is as good, if not better, than anything else made overseas.

Kiwis don’t just love their ice cream. They’re serious about it, too. If the product you’re selling them is inferior, they’ll take their business elsewhere. This is why it’s vital your ice cream cabinet is top-notch. If your current cabinet isn’t up to the job, contact us and we’ll provide something that will keep your fussy customers highly satisfied.

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