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Cut Down Your Energy Costs With Evaporative Coolers

Working in a hot and dry environment can cause endless discomfort and even stop an entire workforce from being productive. It makes breathing difficult, and it makes you feel slow and tired. The problem is that open plan and large spaces are difficult to keep cool – unless you use an industrial cooler. This is the perfect solution to cooling a commercial environment without costing an arm and a leg in energy and costs.

  • How Does It Work?

An industrial evaporative cooler is much more technical and complex than a standard household HVAC system. This is important to note as many people assume it requires the same costing and electricity consumption as a standard aircon, but on a much larger scale. Unlike a standard aircon, a cooler uses water to cool the air and in doing so, can also function as a humidifier to keep the air breathable.

  • Cooler Than Cool

An industrial evaporative cooler might offer superior cooling, but it operates very economically when you’re concerned with your energy usage. Not only does it cut down your energy usage, but it’s also better for the environment as it reduces your carbon footprint. These coolers can reduce your energy bill because of how the entire cooling system operates: the only part of the cooling system that uses electricity is the fan which moves air through the water to cool it down.

  • A Better Option Than Air Conditioning

Air conditioners function completely differently to these coolers. The entire system of a conditioner is operated by electricity as hot air is absorbed and cool air is released. Air conditioning systems also reduce humidity in the air. This is an air cooling system as opposed to an industrial cooler which is a water cooling system. Air conditioners need an outlet to release the hot air that’s absorbed, meaning that it’s better for smaller rooms within your home. In large, dry environments, this type of cooler is all you need to keep the air cool and at the right level of humidity.

Honar refrigeration can provide any commercial space with an industrial cooling system. It’s all you need to keep your environment fresh and comfortable while keeping the planet safe.

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