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How To Plan A Commercial Kitchen

The high-pressure environment of a commercial kitchen demands that space be well planned out. Reality TV shows and competitions have given the general public a glimpse into just how much can go wrong with a poorly planned kitchen. From coordinating stock and equipment (and stocking your walk-in chiller) to making sure that you achieve a level of teamwork that produces consistent results. It’s no easy task. Here’s some planning advice that could help you to make sure your kitchen runs smoothly.

  1. Safety First, Always

Food safety is one of the top priorities for restaurants and take-out spots. A restauranteur without a food safety plan or manual runs the risk of having customers contract food poisoning or worse. It’s important to make a list of fresh ingredients to stock up on frequently and ensure that the menu is prepared safely. Ensure that the kitchen staff is trained to handle food hygienically and make your commercial kitchen conducive to safe storage.

  1. Work Out An Efficient Workflow Structure

Everything in a commercial kitchen should serve a purpose and thus must be placed deliberately. Plan a strategic workflow structure so that you can achieve maximum efficiency. Your food storage units, preparation stations, cooking stations and dishwashing sections must be well-coordinated so that neither one interferes with the other.

  1. Manage The Use Of Equipment, Resources and Ingredients

Water, electricity and gas are crucial aspects of any commercial kitchen. Put the necessary measures in place to ensure that consumption of these products is efficient as well. For example, you could invest in a walk-in chiller that will use gas and electricity more efficiently, saving you money. Honar Refrigeration has a catalogue of products that can help in this regard.

  1. Sharpen Your Tools In Every Way Possible

This is both a literal and figurative tip. The literal meaning is that you should sharpen your working knives to avoid longer chopping time at the preparation station. Figuratively, this tip means you should keep all your tools and equipment sharp and know when it’s time to upgrade to a new stove or walk-in chiller.

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