You Need to Deal Differently With The Industrial Freezers in NZ

You Need To Deal Differently With The Industrial Freezers In New Zealand

Whether they come in different shapes or forms, as one component or two separate entities, it’s fairly common for businesses to rely on fridges and freezers in their day to day operations. Whether you’re a fresh food retainer, bartender or ice cream vendor, you’ll need an industrial freezer that never lets you down so you can keep your business going without any delays. If you’re having one installed for the first time or need to replace yours for a newer model, here what you need to know and using New Zealand industrial freezers.

Industrial Freezers Vs. Household Freezers

Industrial freezers function differently to the ones we have at home. At home, we place meat into our freezer to preserve and freeze it for a long time for future use. To use what we’ve frozen, we’ll gradually raise the temperature of the item by placing it in the fridge to defrost or use other means of defrosting it. Commercial freezers in stores aim to keep the produce cold for a longer in-store shelf life, but not for as long as we keep it in our home. They can, therefore, keep products extremely cold without freezing it. Commercial freezers need to be properly moderated to make sure that their temperature is kept constant because a change in temperature – even for a little while – can leads to thousands of dollars wasted should the food products be ruined.

Industrial freezers, therefore, need to be maintained and serviced differently in comparison to household freezers.

Maintaining Equipment By Law

By law, it’s important to make sure that your cold store equipment is properly maintained to make sure that no problems arise from the industrial grade fridges you’re using. The first aspect of this involves making sure you strictly stick to the provided maintenance and servicing intervals, and that you plan this time carefully so that your business experiences the minimum amount of disruption. The second aspect is ensuring that everyone who comes into contact with the freezer is trained on how to use it effectively and safely. This will eliminate accidents and repairs.

If you need your industrial freezer serviced and maintained, you entrust all your needs to Honar Refrigeration in New Zealand. We understand the unique needs of this type of freezer and can help you keep it working for years to come.

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