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Why A Cool Room Is A Smart Choice

A cool room is a must for any company involved in the storage and supply of food, including all supermarkets, food manufacturing units, food retail outlets and hospitality related businesses. Not only does it fulfil your basic cold storage needs, but it also offers additional benefits that make it a valuable investment. Below are just some of the ways installing one will benefit your business.

Health & Safety

Temperature: To comply with health and safety standards, food needs to be kept at a specific temperature to ensure that it remains safe for public consumption. Cool rooms are useful at maintaining the legally required temperatures.

Cleanliness: Cool rooms have highly secure seals that prevent the entrance of unwanted pests or contamination. High-quality cold rooms such as Misa panels have a plastic powder coated finish and rounded corners that exceed health department sanitation requirements. They are also straightforward to clean and maintain.

Business Benefits

Reduced Wastage: By maintaining a constant temperature, cool rooms avoid wastage as a result of food spoilage. It also eliminates the risk of freezer burn that comes with unregulated freezer appliances.

Sales Ready: Food and beverage items stored in a cool room are kept at an optimal temperature, meaning that they’re ready for sale at all times. It’s especially valuable during busy periods when there are high sale volumes expected. There’s no risk of consumers picking up warm drinks or beers, even from recently restocked shelves.

Cost-Efficiency: Cool rooms are an energy efficient option as they maintain a constant temperature. When compared to standard EPS polystyrene panel systems, quality cool rooms are up to 50% more efficient.

Social Responsibility

Environmentally-friendly: Many refrigeration appliances use HFCs and CFCs, which are harmful chemicals that affect the ozone layer. HFC and CFC free cool rooms are environmentally-friendly, helping those who use them contribute to the fight against climate change and encouraging responsible business practices.

New Zealand’s Honar Refrigeration can assist with all your cooling needs, including installing a cool room or walk-in chillers in your business. Whether you need a Misa Room, ice cream display freezer or industrial freezer, we can assist you, so contact us today.

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