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Does Size Really Matter With A Commercial Freezer?

As the owner or manager of a food service and catering business – or any other business needing to refrigerate products or ingredients – the backbone of your business is a functional and reliable commercial freezer that will keep what’s perishable from spoiling. While the price is an obvious deciding factor when buying one, size is just as important. It’s difficult to predict what size of commercial freezer would best meet your needs when there are so many different types to choose from. So how do you choose the perfect size for your needs and does size matter? Here’s what you need to consider.

What Are My Load Requirements?

Typically, commercial freezers have a capacity measured in cubic metres, and this is the most obvious factor in choosing your freezer size. The length, width and depth of the total storage area are essential, as is how it’s structured in terms of shelving or box storage space – depending on what you will be keeping in there. When estimating if your kitchen space can accommodate the freezer, don’t forget the doorways as you will need space to open and close your freezer easily, whether it’s a walk-in or cabinet. A deep freezer might be good for storing bulk meat products, but it would be awkward to use to store ice cream cones as they would easily get crushed and be difficult for customers to grab and purchase.

What Will I Use It For?

While space is an important factor in choosing the right size freezer, what you plan on using it for is also important. You need to think about what amounts of products will be removed and added to the freezer daily, weekly and monthly according to demand and usage. You also need to consider if you need to prepare any products and return them to the freezer. Your freezer’s capacity should be able to keep up with this cycle and should make the process as simple as possible for all using it. For example, if your catering business orders muffins or scones once a month for daily use, the freezer should be able to store it all with ease and be easy for staff to access every morning so they can prepare it for customers.

These are the two most important elements to consider when choosing a commercial fridge, and depending on the points listed above you might find that you require a chest freezer, walk in freezer room or wall freezer. The best way to determine what’s best for your business is to discuss your needs with experts like the team at Honar Refrigeration

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