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What Does R-Value Mean for Walk-in Refrigerators?

What Does R-Value Mean for Walk-in Refrigerators?

When you are in the market to buy a new walk-in refrigerator or freezer, you will likely hear the salesperson talking about the R-value of different systems. It can be hard to understand the specifications if you don’t know much about the industry. So, it is important that you learn a little more about R-value to understand how these features will impact the performance of your equipment.

Insulating the Cold Storage Areas

Whether you are using the walk-in cooler to store food, flowers, or medical supplies, it is important that you maintain a consistent temperature in the room. Temperature consistency ensures the safety of everything inside. At the same time, you can rest assured to know that your inventory will be protected so that you can minimise the risk of product loss due to temperature changes.

This temperature consistency is maintained by using the right type of insulation to hold the cold temperatures inside. Not only does the insulation help to manage the temperature, but good insulation is also important to reduce the utility expenses. Often, it makes sense to spend the extra money that is needed to invest in a system with great insulation because you will save money on the price of utilities and the cost of lost inventory.

Additionally, the insulating features are essential to ensure the longevity of the equipment. You can use the same cold storage room for many years when you invest in materials that are built to last.

Insulation and R-Value

R-value (sometimes called R-factor) is the measurement that helps you understand the amount of insulation that is available for the system. The R-value is used to determine the resistance of the material to heat flow.

Various factors can affect the R-value of your cold storage system. For example, the foam that is used will have an impact. Also, the age of the foam will affect R-value. As the insulating foam ages, then the insulating features will reduce with time. Finally, the thickness of the insulation will also affect the R-value measurement of your system.

Creating the Right Walk-In Cooler for Your Business

By evaluating the R-value of the systems that are available, you can keep the ambient heat out of the unit. At the same time, the generated cold air will be held inside. As a result, the mechanical systems of the walk-in cooler don’t need to work as hard to maintain the cool temperature that is required, helping to extend the life of your compressor.

If you have questions about insulating features or R-value, then Honar Refrigeration is here to help. Contact our family-owned company to learn about the range of installation and repair services available in Auckland and Christchurch.

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