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Cool and freezer rooms

Since its inception in 1993, Honar Refrigeration has been providing, cost-effective, top-quality refrigeration equipment sales, rental, installation and maintenance services to New Zealand’s commercial sector. In the highly competitive processing, supermarket, hospitality and retail industries, there is no room for refrigeration problems, which can spell disaster and cost a company money and, ultimately, its reputation.
Fresh products and quality merchandising are crucial for the success of any retail outlet, whether it’s a small ice-cream store or a large retail chain. Modern, highly functional fridge and freezer displays not only keep products fresh, but they also make them look more appealing, and ensure they’re easy to find.
Accessibility is equally essential in the hospitality industry, where restaurant staff need to find fresh ingredients quickly to keep up with orders. 



For supermarkets:


For the hospitality industry:

  • Ice machines
  • Sushi and tapas counters
  • Prep, bar and kitchen cabinets
  • Album polystyrene rooms
  • Juice and milk dispensers
  • Misa cool, freezer, production and prover tooms
  • Vertical chillers


With such a wide variety of solutions on offer, you won’t need to look elsewhere for your commercial and industrial refrigeration needs. We promise world-class products and that’s what we deliver, stocking brands such as Misa from Italy, Hiron from China, Talsa from Spain and New Zealand’s own Apollo, to name just a few.
We choose our product ranges based on their quality, energy efficiency, durability and reliability to ensure our clients receive nothing but the best refrigeration equipment in the world. Our service includes working closely with our customers to find the best product for their needs, installing it and, of course, maintaining it.
Honar Refrigeration offers a service second to none, with full support 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we understand that when it comes to refrigeration, nothing but excellence is acceptable. We offer sales, finance and rental options, and our products come with a 24-month parts warranty and a 12-month labour warranty.  

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