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Replacing Your Commercial Freezer

Successful business output in the produce industry is often reliant on one type of equipment, the commercial freezer. It is a crucial piece of equipment in providing your customers with the freshest ingredients, keeping them in high-quality condition without altering such food in any way.  With the correct maintenance, routine repairs and proper care taken of your commercial freezer, you may be able to extend its lifespan to ensure it continues being a valuable asset to your business. But much like any other type of equipment, even with the most stringent schedule adhered to for upkeep, commercial freezers are not...

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Understanding The Different Types Of Commercial Chillers

As a business owner, choosing high-performing equipment for your business is often the ultimate priority. Especially in industries dependent on consistent product quality and output, such as fresh produce stores, restaurants and floral companies.  Chillers fall into the category of essential equipment, functioning as temperature control machinery to ensure constant cooling that can optimise your productivity. With the assistance of Honar Refrigeration, we have compiled this blog post to help you make the right decision in purchasing a chiller that is suitable to your operations and business needs.  Depending on your business outputs, there are several types of commercial chillers...

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Preparing An Industrial Fridge For Summer

An industrial or commercial fridge needs regular maintenance and servicing all year-round. Even more, as temperatures rise over summer – business owners need to ensure that their equipment can maintain consistent cooling even on the hottest day. Depending on the nature of a business, fresh produce may need to be in extreme crisp condition, especially as we near the festive season. Be it a restaurant business, a local deli or supermarket on the corner, a malfunctioning industrial fridge can cause a significant loss in revenue over the busiest time of year.  As cooling experts, Honar Refrigeration understands the importance of...

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How To Keep Your Commercial Freezer Produce Fresh

Ensuring consistent, quality service to your customers and patrons is crucial for any business owner in the food and beverage industry. A significant factor in this is keeping all of your appliances in the best possible condition, including your commercial freezer. We offer a few tips on how to get the most out of your fridge and keep your produce in optimal condition, from stocking point to when it’s ready to be prepared.

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Three Ways To Organise Your Commercial Three-Door Chiller Fridge

Installing three-door chillers in your establishment is a sound business decision for several reasons. These commercial fridges will improve your product quality, as they maintain consistent cooling, which protects your stock from varying external temperatures. Non-compromised product, in turn, is beneficial in driving sales and providing customers with high-quality goods. They also happen to be effective storage solutions, taking up minimal space to store on location and display large amounts of product. 

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