Learn How Our Service Team Will Add Years To Your Investment

Our Service Team Will Add Years To Your Investment

Here at Honar, we don’t just sell. We service as well. It’s been that way since we started out in business way back in 1993, meeting the growing demand for engineering refrigeration solutions for the processing, retail, hospitality and supermarket industries. We’ve done that by supplying exceptional products and backing it up with service that is just as good. 

We have assembled a group of highly trained and skilled technicians, and they form our service team; we believe it’s the best in New Zealand. Not just because they bring a lot of experience and know-how to each job but also because they have access to our extensive spare parts holding. This means there is minimal delay in getting each piece of commercial refrigeration equipment up and running again. And with Honar’s very comprehensive warranty, we provide total peace of mind alongside our superior range of products and that all-important backup service.

We think our service team will add years to your investment, whether you’re buying cool and freezer rooms, cabinets, ice machines, chilling equipment for the supermarket, machinery...whatever it is, regular maintenance and prompt service from our technical experts will keep that equipment running for many years, and that represents an excellent return on your investment. After all, any piece of machinery that is given regular servicing will continue to operate at optimum efficiency, which means superior performance over a longer period of time and lower power bills as well. Ask anyone who has had to endure substandard refrigeration equipment for any length of time, and they’ll tell you that their power costs have gone through the roof. That’s the thing with neglected refrigeration equipment - it chews through power like there’s no tomorrow. That just doesn’t happen when we carry out regular maintenance work.  

So, if you’re looking to buy anything from us, you’re guaranteed to end up with a world-class product that will exceed your expectations. But while you’re going through the purchase process with us, be sure to ask about our after-sales service as well. We can discuss an ongoing maintenance programme which you can pretty much “set and forget”, as we’ll put everything in place. And for any service or repair work, we’ll always be on hand and will be there promptly to get things back on track.

So contact us to discuss our products, and which one will be best suited for you. But don’t forget to ask about our service offering as well. You’re about to make a major investment and we’re determined to help you get the very most out of it. 

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